Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament

New Testament Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

Author: Curtis Mitch, Scott Hahn

Publisher: Ignatius Press

Category: Bible

Price: PHP 1,200.00

The only Catholic Study Bible based on the Revised Standard Version 2nd Catholic Edition, the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament brings together all of the books of the New Testament and the penetrating study tools developed by renowned Bible teachers Dr. Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch. This volume presents…

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Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger

Author: Gary Michuta

Publisher: Catholic Answers

Category: Bible

Price: PHP 1,045.00

Did the Catholic Church add extra books to the Bible? Or did Protestant leaders have them removed? Find out the truth! Some differences between Catholicism and Protestantism can be tricky to grasp, but one of them just requires the ability to count: Catholic bibles have seventy-three books, whereas Protestant bibles…

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Where We Got The Bible

Author: Henry G. Graham


Category: Bible, History

Price: PHP 770.00

Learn about the history of the Bible and the Church’s important role in preserving it. Are Catholics anti-Bible? Who compiled the biblical text? Who organized the text? How was the Bible preserved? What role does the Bible play in the Catholic Faith? In Where We Got the Bible, Bishop Henry G. Graham…

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didache bible

The Didache Bible (RSV2CE)

Author: N/A

Publisher: Midwest Theological Forum

Category: Bible

Price: PHP 3,240.00

The Didache Bible (RSV2CE) presents extensive commentaries, based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, for each of the books of the Holy Bible. The Didache Bible also includes numerous apologetical inserts to assist the reader in understanding the Church’s teachings on current issues. After publishing the books of The…

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The Navarre Bible: St. John

Author: University of Navarre

Publisher: Scepter Publishers

Category: Bible

Price: PHP 1,080.00

Part of a 12 volume set of the New Testament with extensive explanations of the meaning of the scriptural text and its implications for everyday life. The commentaries draw on a rich variety of sources - Church documents, the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the…

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