Nine Days to Rediscover the Joy of Prayer

Author: Jacques Philippe

Publisher: Scepter Publishers

Category: Prayer, Spirituality

Price: PHP 554.00

Prayer changes our lives. Through fruitful prayer, God freely graces us with the gifts of joy, peace, courage, and determination. We can often find, however, that, despite our good intentions, prayer doesn’t come easily. We often have obstacles in our path—distractions from the outside or our own internal weaknesses—that keep us…

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Prayers and Heavenly Promises

Author: Joan Carroll Cruz

Publisher: Tan Books

Category: Prayer

Price: PHP 1,000.00

A unique little prayerbook of powerful prayers and devotions, including wonderful promises attached that were made by Our Lord or Our Lady, most of which were revealed to various famous Saints. Includes devotions to Our Lady, the Infant Jesus, Precious Blood, Sacred Heart, Divine Mercy, St. Michael, etc. Shows that…

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Pure Faith: A Prayer Book for Teens

Author: Jason Evert

Publisher: Catholic Answers

Category: Prayer, Youth

Price: PHP 715.00

At Last...A Prayer Guide Just For Teens Who Want to Encounter Christ in a Deeper, More Personal Way If you know any teenagers who... Want to develop a deeper prayer life... Have difficulties with prayer... Just can't find the time to pray... Don't know how to pray... Or don't see…

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Contemplative Rosary

Author: Connie Rossini, Dan Burke

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Category: Prayer

Price: PHP 825.00

You know that in an Apostolic Letter in 2002, Pope John Paul II added five Luminous Mysteries. Did you know that in that same Letter he also called for a new way of praying the Rosary? St. John Paul II’s new way of praying the Rosary was based on the…

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Manual of Prayers

Manual of Prayers

Author: James D. Watkins

Publisher: Midwest Theological Forum

Category: Prayer, Reference

Price: PHP 2,052.00

The Manual of Prayers contains a wealth of prayers, litanies, novenas, and meditations, and makes a thoughtful gift! This fine introduction to the Church's rich devotional legacy is widely used by the students and faculty of the North American College in Rome. It includes an extensive collection of prayers drawn…

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