The Catechism of the Council of Trent

The Catechism of the Council of Trent

Author: anonymous

Publisher: Tan Books

Category: Reference

Price: PHP 2,067.00

Compiled under the direction of St. Charles Borromeo and recognized as the most authoritative Catholic catechism. Leo XIII recommended two books-- the Summa and this Catechism--for all seminarians! Pope Benedict 16th, as a Cardinal, called it the most important Catholic Catechism. Originally designed to supply parish priest with an official…

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Memorize the Faith 9781933184173

Memorize the Faith!

Author: Kevin Vost

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Category: Education, Reference

Price: PHP 1,060.00

"They laughed when I said I could name all 27 books of the New Testament . . . but after I named them all in order, plus the 46 books of the Old Testament, they begged me to show them how I did it." Yes, I know that memorizing the…

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the one minute aquinas 9781622821587

The One-Minute Aquinas

Author: Kevin Vost

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Category: Reference, Theology

Price: PHP 1,100.00

25 popes consider St. Thomas Aquinas the Church's preeminent theologian because he saw truths about God, our Faith, and the Christian life which had never been seen before. But do you have time to read the 3,000 pages in his Summa Theologica? Do you struggle to understand the abstract theological…

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spiritual hadbook evangelists 9781622822263

Spiritual Handbook for Catholic Evangelists

Author: Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Category: Evangelization, Reference

Price: PHP 864.00

Nearly a century ago, the Trappist monk Jean-Baptiste Chautard sat in the silence of his cell and wrote this classic book, showing us how to live in the noise and bustle of the world and to win more souls for Christ. Praised by Pope St. Pius X, Pope Benedict XV,…

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St. Joseph Atlas of the Bible

Author: Tim Dowley

Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing Corp

Category: Bible, Reference

Price: PHP 828.00

A completely new Bible Atlas for the Bible reader and student, with 79 full-color computer-generated original maps of Bible lands. The maps are carefully annotated to show the routes of the great travelers such as Abraham, Moses, and Paul, major battles, migrations, and invasions. They also feature explanatory captions detailing…

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