Religious Life

a priest forever

A Priest Forever

Author: Benedict J. Groeschel

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor

Category: Religious Life

Price: PHP 470.00

The story of a young man who was ordained just three hours before his death. We dare you to read this book and not be moved.

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Sisters in Crisis

Author: Ann Carey

Publisher: Ignatius Press

Category: Religious Life

Price: PHP 1,150.00

Fifty years ago, nearly 200,000 religious sisters worked in Catholic schools, hospitals and other institutions throughout the United States. American Catholics honored these women of faith who founded and built these flourishing works of mercy. Then came the ideological shifts and moral upheavals of the 1960s, and ever since, most…

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Many are Called

Many Are Called

Author: Scott Hahn

Publisher: Image

Category: Religious Life

Price: PHP 714.00

In Many Are Called, Dr. Scott Hahn, one of the most celebrated scholars and influential Catholic writers living today, enthusiastically encourages Catholics around the world to renew their focus on the sacred role of the Catholic priest. Using his unique ability to present deep spiritual and theological ideas in the…

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Letters to My Brother Priests

Author: Pope John Paul II

Publisher: Midwest Theological Forum

Category: Religious Life

Price: PHP 1,175.00

This single-volume collector's edition contains the complete collection of Pope John Paul II's Holy Thursday letters to priests. "On this holy day, the liturgy takes us inside the Upper Room." Thus wrote Pope John Paul II in 1979 in his first Holy Thursday letter, a tradition he continued until his…

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Christ the Ideal of the Priests

Christ: The Ideal of the Priests

Author: Columba Marmion

Publisher: Ignatius Press

Category: Religious Life

Price: PHP 920.00

The great spiritual writer, Fr. Columba Marmion, wrote this classic work on the priesthood to show the holiness that priests are called to, and how that holiness can only be attained through close union with, and imitation of, Jesus Christ. While aimed at the clergy, this profound spiritual work will…

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