catena aurea

Catena Aurea: 4 Volumes

Author: St. Thomas Aquinas

Publisher: Baronius Press

Category: Reference, Theology

Price: PHP 8,250.00

St. Thomas Aquinas' Catena Aurea is a masterpiece anthology of Patristic commentary on the Gospels – it includes the work of over eighty Church Fathers. St. Thomas Aquinas’ work demonstrates intimate acquaintance with the Church Fathers and is an excellent complement to the more recent attempts to understand the inner…

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The Faith Explained

Author: Leo J. Trese

Publisher: Scepter Publishers

Category: Education, Reference, Theology

Price: PHP 540.00

The Faith Explained is an all-in-one handbook to help you understand, explain, and defend the great truths of the Catholic Faith. In brief and readable chapters, it explains the purpose of human existence, God and His perfections, the creation and fall of man, the Incarnation, the redemption, the sacraments, sacramentals,…

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The Three ages of interior life

The Three Ages of the Interior Life (Two Volume Set)

Author: Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange

Publisher: Tan Books

Category: Spirituality, Theology

Price: PHP 3,680.00

Volume 1 and Volume 2 Set. Explains the entire Catholic tradition on the spiritual life. Covers virtually all aspects of our Faith. The masterpiece of possibly the 20th century's greatest theologian. Covers scores of topics, including contemplative prayer, one's predominant fault, the healing of pride, spiritual direction, etc. Clear, complete,…

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The Mystical City of God

The Mystical City of God

Author: Mary of Agreda

Publisher: Tan Books

Category: Theology

Price: PHP 1,590.00

A highly successful abridgment of the monumental 2,676-page 4 vol. life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as seen in mystic vision by Ven. Mary of Agreda (1602-1665). This book overflows with enthralling information about Our Lord and Our Lady, about the creation of the world, the meaning of the Apocalypse,…

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A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture

A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture

Author: Frederick Justus Knecht

Publisher: Tan Books

Category: Bible, Reference, Theology

Price: PHP 2,385.00

This book is a great introductory Bible study all by itself - for it brings out the Catholic teachings that are hidden in Sacred Scripture! A famous book - one which received recommendations from 14 bishops when first published and which went through at least 16 editions - this commentary…

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