About Us

Established since 1997, Totus Bookstore is known for providing hard-to-find imported and local Catholic books. It is unlike any other specialty bookstore in the Philippines as it offers the widest range of topics about the Catholic faith that caters to all types of individuals from laypeople to priests, theologians, or apologists.

Aside from offering books and other religious items, Totus Bookstore has involved itself in the local publication of some bestsellers, like Surprised by Truth by Patrick Madrid, If Only He Knew and For Better and for Best by Gary Smalley, and Catholic Soul by Edgardo de Vera. The bookstore also works hand-in-hand with Defensores Fidei Foundation, an apologetics group, in providing seminars and annual pilgrimages.

Today, Totus Bookstore continues on with its mission in providing Filipinos a quality resource of Catholic books and in creating an ever-growing community of individuals with the same passion about the faith.


I have been blessed these, more or less, past 20 years by my being a regular buyer of solidly faithful Catholic books from Totus Bookstore. Only God knows the good they have done not only to me, but also through me, to the people I have helped as a priest through my sharing of what I have learned from them. The friendly staff and my friendship with the owner have likewise truly enriched me. — Msgr. Alex Amante


Many people seek for the truth of the Catholic Faith oftentimes among those who discredit it, among the Protestants, when in the first place we have literature available that are really Catholic and orthodox teaching. These literature are available at Totus Bookstore. This is the only bookstore that sells real Catholic books, orthodox and authoritative. Want to deepen your faith? Visit Totus Bookstore! — Fr. Alexus Mansueto