Celebrating Those in Service

Celebrating Those in Service of the Word (Year B)

Category: Catholic Living

By: F. Luzano Lagura

Publisher: Logos Publications

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From the Introduction:

Among the most frequently used and much-loved three words which young and old eagerly listen to are “Once there was…” With such a familiar opening we usually begin to tell a story.

Our Lord is widely acknowledged as the master in the art of story-telling. He does this in order to paint the kingdom of heaven, the central theme of his proclamation, in and with what the world today known as the parables. Stories whether in the form of parables, legends, or fables wield unique power when carefully formulated, cleverly arranged in proper sequence, armed with a highly interesting plot, then masterfully told to an eager audience. Somehow each story goes out on an errand of giving a message that traverses the air, enters the mind through the senses, and strikes the heart in different and unpredictably wonderful ways. Later, the story moves the will into action.

Skilled story-tellers artfully saying what they mean, weaving with words the persons, places and evens in the world they live can evoke the results they intend. Sometimes, even more. In ways more than once, stories richly color the fabric our lives are woven with. They fill our world and the lives we respectively lead with all so fond memories.

People, especially my conferes – religious missionary brothers and priests in the SVD, and the people dear to my heart, will be accorded, to the best of my intentions, with the honor due them with the stories and anecdotes told and re-told. Their memories are in a way carved into the minds and hearts of the listeners and readers, for always.

Above all, the stories – together with some reflections — I chose to tell and re-tell will hopefully help in pointing to the SOMEONE, the All-time One True Master Story-Teller of the Kingdom that is His.