From Worry to Wonder

From Worry to Wonder

Category: Catholic Living

By: Melissa Overmyer

Publisher: Ascension Press

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“Praise God Melissa Overmyer allowed the Holy Spirit to inspire her to write From Worry to Wonder! Whether you are running a tractor, a bank, a home or a diocese, worry is a frequent companion. Melissa helps us all see the ‘Wow!’ in God’s plan, especially when it is initially hard to understand. This book is inspiring, insightful and extraordinarily practical.” – Bishop William D. Byrne, Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield

“This is a book for our times. When circumstances and relationships tend to mire us in anxieties, Worry to Wonder shows us how to obey Jesus’s wondrous command, ‘Do not worry.'” – Sonja Corbitt, Author of How to Pray Like Mary, broadcaster, and speaker

Transform moments of worry into moments of wonder at God’s plan. Even though Catholics know God is all-powerful, worries and negative thoughts can still threaten one’s peace of mind. In From Worry to Wonder: A Catholic Guide to Finding Peace Through Scripture, Melissa Overmyer offers inspiration and practical tips to remember God’s love and power, no matter the circumstances.

Steeped in Scripture, From Worry to Wonder will help Catholics look to the timeless guidance of God’s Word to let go of worry and embrace awe in the Lord. Melissa Overmyer offers 7 steps to help Catholics bring about their own transformation from worry to wonder and place their trust in God.

Within the pages of From Worry to Wonder, Catholics will find:

Scripture verses to remind them of God’s guidance and care
– Biblical stories of God’s loving power
Tips for trusting God
– A forty-day guided journal to practice turning to God daily
– A toolkit at the end of the book including: a daily reminder card of tips, prayers, hymns
– And much more!

Now is the perfect time to grow in trust of God’s plan.

Pages: 184