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Means to Live a Happy and Chaste Life

Category: Catholic Living

By: John Portavella

Publisher: Gabriel Books

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Means to Live a Happy and Chaste Life is a straightforward look at holy purity, lived in our present world, not only as something possible, but necessary if we are to live a full and truly happy life. Chapters include chastity within the married state, clear suggestions on how to tackle the predicament of homosexuality affecting some persons, plus specific advice on pornography.

Far from finding in it a heavy treatise on moral theology, many readers have found in it a guide, together with encouragement, to live a clean life in our modern world. Readers say, “It changed my life,” others that “it helped me very much in my personal struggle,” and still others, “It has proven to be useful not only to the youngsters, but to the older ones as well.”

Based on his long experience in spiritual counseling and in pastoral work, Rev. Portavella, a priest of the Opus Dei prelature, looks at holy purity as a joyful affirmation of love. He makes clear that, without any doubt, the best means to live holy purity is to have an intense interior life of love of God, a firm commitment to Jesus Christ, and much devotion to the Mother of God.