saint isaac jogues missal

St. Isaac Jogues Illuminated Missal

Category: Hymn-Missal

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Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

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The St. Isaac Jogues Illuminated Missal is designed for parishes seeking to promote a greater sense of the sacred in its liturgical worship. This makes it a perfect resource for pastors seeking to move their community toward a more elevated, solemn, beautiful, and traditional celebration of the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

Designed to replace flimsy, disposable missalettes, the Jogues Missal brings together the rich texts of the Entrance, Gradual, Offertory and Communion chants along with the readings of the Lectionary, including responsorial psalms and Gospel acclamations.

The Missal encompasses all Sundays, Holy Week, special solemnities, funerals, weddings, and the Confirmation. The back of the Missal features the hymns and prayers for Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, and an appendix presents the sequences for Easter, Pentecost, and Corpus Christi, along with the Tract for Palm Sunday.

The preeminent highlight of the Missal, however, is the Ordo Missæ, featuring beautiful, full color line art and photographs portraying the various parts of the Mass. Sidebar explanations serve as a mini-treatise on the Mass, reminding the faithful that the Holy Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life.”

Throughout the Missal you will find clear, readable text, sumptuous artwork, and careful attention to every detail.

With the exception of the psalm settings and the sequences, nothing is set to music. This allows your parish a wide array of choices for celebrating the Mass. Only the text is included to provide you complete freedom to do what is best for your parish for each particular Mass, thereby making the Jogues Missal the pew missal of options.

The Saint Isaac Jogues Illuminated Missal is changing the way Catholics experience the Ordinary Form of the Mass by fulfilling the true liturgical vision of the Vatican II fathers.