Your Life Begins Here

Your Life Begins Here

Category: Catholic Living

By: Henry Bocala

Publisher: Central Books

Price: PHP 400.00

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The internet is awash with advice on how to be smarter, richer, happier, more successful and other aspects of self-fulfillment; but you won’t find a better mentor than this little book. Henry Bocala puts his finger on the fundamental elements of a fulfilling and good life. In 40 bite-sized chapters that you could swallow before breakfast – and digest during the day – the author and life coach lays out the guide posts: hope, courage, spirituality, embracing the cross, emotional intelligence, and much more.

A personal, chatty tone and examples from daily life, culture, and current events are combined with the wisdom of philosophes, heroes, theologians, and the Gospel itself to produce a lively, arresting text. This is a programme that anyone could profitably follow. The younger you start, the better, but as one chapter reminds us, “It’s never too late to learn.”

Your Life Begins Here is a wonderful and aptly-titled book that offers you the opportunity to start off with a clean slate. The author, Henry Bocala, succeeds in crafting a little book filled with great big ideas about how to attain our full human potential. His work is brimming with wisdom, sound guidance, and just the right balance of examples and citations to help the reader become a better person in concrete ways.

Your Life Begins Here is easy to read, pleasant, and lighthearted. It can be perused or reviewed quickly, according to a plan of topics in the style of a daily workbook. Read one chapter a day – choose from the 40 varied themes – to let Fr. Henry coach you towards a more optimistic life of self-fulfillment and authentic happiness.