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True or False Possession?

Author: Aaron Kheriaty, Jean Lhermitte

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Category: Exorcism

Price: PHP 825.00

Unhinged or unholy? Fiend or fraud? That’s what authorities had to decide about the French nun Marie-Thérèse Noblet (1889–1930). She suffered sudden diseases that were as quickly cured, chokings, night beatings, unclean visions of blasphemous scenes, violent shakes witnessed by onlookers, foul assaults from filthy beasts, including one she recalled…

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Devotional Journey into the Mass

Author: Christopher Carstens

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Category: Liturgy, Spirituality

Price: PHP 825.00

If you’re unhappy because the Mass has become for you routine – or even boring and tedious – these pages are for you. They teach you eight simple ways to make your every Mass a joyful time of piety and intense devotion. Explaining the spiritual meanings behind the signs and…

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Forty Anti-Catholic Lies

Author: Gerard Verschuuren

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Category: Apologetics

Price: PHP 1,100.00

Tired of being stumped when false claims are made about the Catholic Church? Want to be armed with knowledge that puts these mistruths to rest? In these pages, veteran apologist Gerard Verschuuren provides thorough yet concise answers to forty of the most common — and absurd — lies about the…

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Saint Catherine of Siena and Her Times

Author: Margaret Roberts

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Category: Biography, Saints

Price: PHP 935.00

The Holy Father, forced to leave Rome, battled rebel forces, killing thousands, splitting Christendom, and spawninganti-Popes who joined the rebel alliance, brazenly challenging the authority of God’s Vicar on earth. Into this corrupt, brutal, turbulent world was born Catherine, the daughter of a modest Siennese cloth dyer. Now famed as…

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Making a Holy Lent

Author: Bill Casey

Publisher: Sophia Institute Press

Category: Passion, Spirituality

Price: PHP 715.00

Lent calls us to ponder the reality of Jesus Christ and the salvation He offers. In these compelling pages, EWTN host Fr. Bill Casey turns our attention to Jesus in brief reflections on topics ranging from the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist to the role that the Blessed…

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