The Catechism at a Glance Chart

The Catechism at a Glance Chart

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The Catechism at a Glance Chart presents a clear overview of the entire structure of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, using the Foundations of Faith approach, to show how everything in this foundational text fits together to tell the story of the Catholic Church.

Not only that, this revolutionary reference tool folds out to give a historical view of when major developments of doctrine occurred, from the time of the apostles to the 21st century.

The Catechism at a Glance Chart: A Visual Overview of the Foundations of Our Faith:

– Makes the structure and history of the Catechism easy to remember and understand with a clear organization and language
– Identifies the 9 types of sources found within the Catechism and highlights when Church councils were held and Catholic writers lived whose works are referenced in the Catechism
– Organizes the 4 main parts of the Catechism using the colors of the Foundations of Faith approach
– Ties major teachings of the Catechism together by listing the topics of each section, chapter, and article to show how each topic fits within the Catechism as a whole
– Arranges ecumenical councils, popes who wrote key pontifical documents, writers of ecclesiastical documents, and more into a timeline of Church history
– Explains what key teachings were discussed at each ecumenical council
– Includes references to specific paragraphs within the Catechism for further exploration
– And much more!